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About us We are Toronto's premier pool design & construction company specializing in the design and construction of custom swimming pools, water features & landscaping. We know that getting an inground pool installed in your backyard is a big commitment and that is why our experience and expert craftmanship is so valuable as we strive to exceed your expectations At Seabreeze, we believe in the power of the pool to transform, enhance and elevate your experience. More than that, we fully appreciate that inground pools represent a sizeable and important investment for our clients and are committed to delivering a pool for you that will exceed your expectations and fulfill your hopes and dreams for years to come. A great pool is like a great vacation. That same feeling of anticipation you get when you’re about to set off for an exciting new or long-cherished destination is the same thing you should feel when you step out the door to interact with your pool. Because a pool is more than just a place to cool off once in a while; it’s a place of contemplation, relaxation and renewal. It’s a point of pride, a place to dream and a place to appreciate all that life has to offer. POOL DESIGN, POOL CONSTRUCTION, Fibreglass Pools, Free Shape Pools and more. Visit: http://seabreezepools.ca/