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Online Fax Service - GoFaxgo.com

GoFaxgo.com is a secure personal and business internet fax to email service which enables you to send and rec

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Khalid Manj:
2011-02-08 19:15:21
Email to Fax and Fax to Email services from GOFAXGO

The limitations of traditional fax machines have been researched and solutions have emerged. GOFAXGO renders these internet fax services in which faxes can be sent in forms of emails reducing the use of paper and paper redundancy, having several fax machines, having to lose faxes and a list of others. These forms of mails/fax are called web-fax, email-fax, internet fax and a list of other names.

When you sign up for Internet fax services, you’ll be given a fax number, which means that your clients or other people can fax you with that number in the traditional way, from a fax machine or other type of service. The phone number will convert the incoming faxes directly to you in digital files that will then be sent to your email inbox. That allows for you to get your faxes on your computer, where you can manipulate the files, print them out, or do whatever you would like to do with them.

You can also send attachments, in any type of format (like Word Documents, Acrobat PDF files and even pictures) to actual fax numbers, where the receiver will be able to get them in their fax machine or at their computer if they have a type of fax service as well. This allows for both you and those that you communicate with, to use faxes to the exact needs that you might have. On the GOFAXGO site you’ll find Internet fax services of best quality

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