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Axiatel Online Fax Canada - Benefits of service

Axiatel's online faxing provides its customers in Canada with the flexible service aiming at making great customer experience. This experience starts with the easy 4 step subscription, immediate number availability and first 30 days of testing and trials for free! After the 30 days finish, the online faxing users can enjoy low priced packages that stand out from the competitors. The differenciating factors are unlimited reception of faxes that are not priced, 60 international destinations included for free, avaliability of fax numbers not only in Canada, but also in Australia, UK, France and 6 other European countries and administrative account creation to manage multiple faxes. But still, this is not what differenciates one provider from the other. The online interface with number of configurable features is what adds to the positive experience of using online faxing solutions. Typically, an interface provides information on the faxes sent, received, ones in progress, statistics on consumptions, “how to” help section and obviously includes a tab of “sending a fax”. Further, when one sends a fax, the interface gives number of options, that are designed to replace totally fax machines. So, the choice of cover pages are made automatic by click of the button. The cover pages of outgoing faxes could be customized with upload of the logo, contact details, some text. Further, few fax numbers and few documents could be attached for faxing in one go. This option saves time and makes it convenient service. More than that, the quality resolution, scheduled fax delivery, delivery status notifications send to email, the automatic recognition of the problem if faxed paper is not accepted by the recipient, etc - gives this service all winning points (like speed, reliability, simplicity, efficiency, time saving, cost and energy efficiency) over the fax machines! Finally, the account management is also included in the interface giving the users to control their monthly packages for example upgrading faxes sent per month, changing payment card details, and storing past invoices. The service provider stands out from each other not by the price structure of monthly packages, but by the options of tailoring the service that they give to their users. One final example, is the possibility of creating administrative accounts for the users who need to manage few online fax numbers and sometimes few fax numbers in different countries. While this opens opportunities for some small businesses, the business telecom providers help its customers to capture and explore those opportunities, creating a positive experience.

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